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Why does dry drowning in infants occur and how to recognize the signs?

Dry drowning is an ailment which is not at all harmless and which can even be life threatening because it might result in respiratory arrest. The supply of oxygen to the blood is disturbed if dry drowning occurs, and this further leads to the death of the brain, particularly if there is no timely reaction. Still, since it is not always easy to diagnose the problem in question, the treatment is frequently postponed.

This problem can occur in infants when water reaches the lungs of the child without making any damage initially. However, within the next 24 hours, the consequences will most certainly become apparent because the lungs will not be capable of contracting and expanding, which will cause the lack of oxygen due to which the brain and other vital organs will not be able to function properly.

As for the symptoms that can help in recognizing the problem, problems with breathing will be obvious, as well as pain in the chest area while breathing in and out. Children are very likely to exhibit confusion, lack of energy and tiredness, and the color of their skin is very likely to turn pale or blue. Counting the breathing pulse for 15 seconds and multiplying the number with 4 can also help, because if the result is more than 20 respirations per minute, then it is a sure sign of dry drowning.

How can dry drowning be prevented?

Well, the child requires constant attention, and it is necessary to always keep a close watch on what it does. However, since dry drowning is actually a consequence of water that reached the lungs, it is important to pay special attention to infants when they are diving in the swimming pool or when they are in water in a bathtub, for example, because the greatest majority of them enjoys playing with water.

As for the treatment, it can only be conducted at the initial stage of the problem, which is why it is important to identify it as soon as possible. This is also why the parents should not wait for the symptoms to disappear on their own even if they are only mild. Also, this condition is medical emergency, so there is absolutely no space or time for trying out home remedies or anything similar. The water simply needs to be removed from the lungs and the oxygen needs to be given, and the doctors are the only people who can perform that.

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