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The undescended testicle appears in about 1% of the whole planet's male population, and is also referred to as “empty scrotum“. It is normal for the testicals, to make their way down the abdomen, in final stages of pregnancy, but due to premature birth, sometimes there is just not enough time. They can get stuck in the groin channel or far up the abdomen.

When such a thing happens, there are several possibilities and procedures that can be taken.

In a majority of cases, the testicles are retracted into the abdomen, by cremasteric muscles, which can pull the testicles into the groin by day, and later in the day, when a child is more relaxed or is asleep, can be lowered back into the scrotum. These conditions are not harmful, and do not need any special medical attention. However, the undescended testicals can be a very different problem, such as the absence of testicals, which is a result of entanglement of blood vessels that feed the developing testicals, during the pregnancy.

With human reproductive system, it is very important for the testicals to be located in the scrotum, because, the increase of temperature of one’s testicals can result in infertility. That’s why it is so important to treat such a condition as soon as it is noticed. The nature has its reasons for placing things into the places where they are most usually found, and the same is with testicals. If one has an undescended testical, it is more than usual that the production of healthy sperms has been disrupted, due to higher temperature, and is also unreachable for any physical examination, and thus preventing from discovery of an early stages of some testicular diseases, such as testicular cancer. Testicular cancer has tendencies to appear in men at about age of forty. Testicular cancer, although very treatable, cannot be detected in time to react properly, if one’s testicals are not located where they should be, and that is in the scrotum.

The operation that can solve such a problem is called orchidopexy. It consists of two major cuts, one in the scrotum and one in the groins. The first step is to determine where exactly the testicals are, and to ensure that the arteries and other connections to the abdomen are long enough to place the testicals into the scrotum. Not rarely, undescended testicals are connected to hernia, and if this is the case, then it should also be taken care of.When the testicals are lowered down to the scrotum, then they have to be anchored. After the surgery, the best advice is to stay away from any physical activities, for at least two weeks, and to apply antibiotics regularly as one’s doctor advises, and also some painkillers.

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