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Paying attention to one’s lifestyle and habits is not the only way in which one can be in constant check of his/her health. Namely, there also exist those conventional methods and techniques, which enable one to be constantly familiar with the way his/her health progresses. This again makes it much easier for a person to spot any sudden change in the overall health and act in a manner most proper and timely in order to avoid any undesired ailments that lurk on just about any step that one makes. Fortunately, conventional medicine has progressed to such a great extent that today at one’s disposal there lie numerous extremely efficient testing methods, or as they are quite often referred to the medical screening tests.

Some of the most prominent and most frequently employed tests

Electron-beam CAT scan of the heart – one of the methods employed for the purpose atherosclerosis detection. In medical circles, it is also known as the EBT. The scanner in question enables doctors to determine and verify if a person in question is prone to being befallen by such occurrence as hardening of the coronary arteries. In comparison to different screens cardiac in nature (e.g. cholesterol, blood pressure level screens etc.), the one in question enables doctors to look straight into one’s heart, while other tests are more indirect in nature. Direct result of this is most accurate when detecting exactly those people who are in great need of more “aggressive” treatment for the purpose of timely curing. Ultrasound of the Abdomen – employed for the purpose of screening for such irregularities as aortic aneurysm. The screening technique in question is regarded as a quite “gentle” and fairly inexpensive, as well as extremely sensitive one when it comes to accurate detection of the aneurysms mentioned above. In addition and on the plus side, this method has also been discovered to be quite effective in kidney cancer detection in those stages in which this particular cancer is still not that great in size and recognizable. This particular tests is performed every three or four years, and by people who are older than 40 years of age. Costs are also not that great and amount to 225 dollars. Extensive Lipid Testing - is primarily aimed at those people who suffer from atherosclerosis. Colonoscopy – is employed for the purpose of screening for instances of colon cancer and polyps.

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