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Tilted Uterus

The uterus is female reproductive organ placed in the pelvis. It resembles pear in shape and is normally in a straight vertical position. If the uterus changes position and is tipped backwards this condition is called tilted uterus.

Tilted uterus develops due to a variety of reasons. For example, during a woman's maturation the uterus may not move to a forward position. Furthermore, tilted uterus may be a consequence of childbirth. The presence of scars and adhesions in the pelvis can pull the uterus backwards.

Symptoms of Tilted Uterus

Women most commonly are not even aware of the abnormal position of their uterus. Still some women who are suffering from tilted uterus may complain about painful intercourse or intensive pain during menstrual bleeding. Rarely tilted uterus can cause minor incontinence, infections of urinary tract and problems with fertility. And, some women may have difficulties with insertion of tampons.

Diagnosis of Tilted Uterus

This medical condition can be easily diagnosed by simple gynecological examination. In many women tilted uterus is found during a routine pelvic exam. The diagnosis can be confirmed by pelvic ultrasonography.

Conventional Treatment for Tilted Uterus

In most case the treatment is not necessary since the condition does not feature with any symptoms or signs. Still, in women who are experiencing certain difficulties related to this medical condition there are several treatment modalities.

In some cases tilted uterus develops as a consequence of some underlying conditions. If these medical conditions can be treated with hormones, these mediactions are prescribed. For example, in endometriosis the women are given hormonal therapy and this may be helpful with tilted uterus.

Conventional treatment also includes exercises. They may be efficient in case that tilted uterus is not caused by endometriosis or fibroids and if the doctor can manually change the position of the uterus.

Pessary is a device made of silicone or plastic. Its role is to support the uterus in a forward lean. Pessary can be placed and stay temporarily or permanently.

Surgery for Tilted Uterus

The goal of the surgery for tilted uterus is reposition of the uterus. It is performed laparoscopically and the results are excellent. In rather rare case the surgeon performs hysterectomy or total removal of the uterus.

Today most surgeons perform the UPLIFT procedure. It provides with a uterine suspension and carries less risk of postoperative complications comparing to other uterine suspension procedures.

The surgery helps the patients and eliminates the pain during sexual intercourse and can even help with the pain during menstrual bleeding.

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