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Overgrowth of the bone on your toe is called the bunion. Bunion problems affect twice as much women then man, and mainly because of high heel shoes, it bothers women twice as much. Although you may think that shoes are to blame, the actual truth is the bunions are mainly hereditary problem, due to inherited similar bone structure.

In cases when bone overgrowth is massive, and accompanied by pain, surgery is only option. Surgical procedure is relatively simple, eliminates your bunion problems for good, and although you will need the couple of weeks to totally recuperate, you can be back on your feet in just a few days. There are no strict criteria which case of bunion is one that needs surgery, general rule is that if bunion is deforming your feet or is painful, than it is for surgery. Also, most experts agree that if your bunion is painful and in a way of you performing your everyday tasks, than surgery is highly recommended.

In the meantime, if you think that time for surgery is not here yet, and you have a bunion problems, here is some home made tips that can help you diminish the pain and other bunion problems;

You can try to soak your feet in salt free water, or in a hot water mixed with Epsom salts, which is one of the most popular home remedy for bunions.

Also you can try to wear sandals or to go barefoot for a while, thus eliminating the main reason of pain in the cases of bunions, and that is shoes rubbing at your toes. So, in order to prevent the pain, go shoes free as much as you can, especially at home or other similar and convenient environment.

In cases of choosing the sandals or other similar shoe ware, you should go for the ones with open fingers. If you must wear normal shoes, try to choose the one that are as tight as possible, to prevent friction between shoes and toes. Allow only so much space between your feet and width and length of a shoe. If you own the shoes that do not fit in this description, either try to repair their size to fit, or discard them.

Other thing you can try is to wear running shoes, as much as possible. Running shoes are made in a way to have a lot more space in toe area, and from softer materials than regular shoes, and all those differences make them ideal choice for people with bunion problems.

Massage and heated pads are also a very god remedies for bunion problems. Applying regularly heating pads to bunions, increases blood flow, which eases the inflammation symptoms. Also regular massage has the similar effect, and relaxes the pain.

Homeopathic Remedies For Bunions

ArnicaUse internally or as a topical cream to relieve the pain and discomfort from bunions.

Calcarea Phosphoricum Weak memory, mental strain. Depression. Cranky, bad-tempered. Obstinate. Grumpy. Resentment over feeling of exaggerated responsibility for everyone. deep rooted fear of stepping into the future, Feels that there is insufficient support. Tongue coated white. defective bone growth. cannot wake up in the morning

Sulphur Beneficial for bunions. Person is thirsty, ho with easy perspiration. Intelligent, creative. Skin issues. Issues are worse at night. Worse in a warm of the bed, in hot shower or bath.

Marigold therapy

Marigold is effective, not only to relief pain, but can improve the hallux valgus angle by 30%. Dr Taufiq Khan, a homoeopath and Podiatrist, discovered that some species, such as the familiar calendula officinalis, promote cellular activity - and are therefore useful for healing - while others, including tagetes, break down abnormal cells such as those found in calluses and verrucae.

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