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Heel Spur

The problem called heel spur can be treated with a certain surgery, but thissurgery is done usually as last resort. When the problem is detected, there aremany treatments that are done before the surgery. Only if they bring noresults, the surgery is done. This problem can sometimes create very serious andeven unbearable pain. We will focus on the surgery, which usually eliminatesthe pain, but there are some side effects involved.

The Surgery for Heel Spur

The procedure of heel spur surgery can be done in several manners. The firstone is endoscopic plantar fasciotomy, which will remove the pain. When thisprocedure is done, a patient will suffer two slits that will be made aroundthe heel. Small camera will pass through these two slits and will bring thepicture on the monitor. In this way, doctor will be aware of the exactconditions of the problem. When the doctor detects the problem, he will cut ordetach the plantar fascia ligament using a small knife which will reduce thepain and stress. By doing this, a space that was created will help thedevelopment of the fascia tissue.

During this surgery, the elimination of heelspur or plantar fasciitis is created due to the elimination of tension, whichcaused the problem in the first place. In other surgeries that are performed when heel spur is present, the entireplantar fascia can sometimes be cut out. During this procedure, which manyconsider inferior when compared to the endoscopic plantar fasciotomy, the doctor cuts out just a smallportion and not the entire plantar ligament.

There are many possible treatments andsurgeries, so it is best for you to discuss it with your doctor before youdecide what to do. They can also be sometimes removed. For this procedure, doctor will also use acamera and small instruments that will help in the removal of bony fragmentsof calcium. When this procedure is done, the pain will surely be decreased,since the tissue surrounding the heel cannot be damaged any more by the bone fragment.

As we have said, the surgery is the last resort. The treatments, other thansurgery, usually prove successful if the problem is detected in the earlystages, and treated, of course. The problem will become more serious andgreater if the treatment is not preformed.The surgery will limit the weight bearing for some times.

Another sideeffect of this operation is the nerve tissue damage. The pain will not be eliminated sometimes, but this side effect occurs rarely. Ill-fitting shoes,obesity, sudden weight gain, overuse and excessive stress on the feet are someof the causes, which can easily be avoided and the heel spurs along withthem.

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