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Many people experience problemswith farsightedness today. This problem occurs when the cornea is deformedthus preventing the light to reach the retina. But there is a solution, andmany kinds of operations are used to correct the problem. The surgery usuallyretrieves the cornea to the normal state, and this helps the light to find thefinal destination, the retina. People are usually afraid of undergoing theoperation, so they decide to wear contact lenses instead. But the surgery willremove the problem and the discomfort of wearing the lenses.

There are several diverseoperations used to remove the troubling condition. One of the options is thelaser surgery, but performing this operation for farsightedness is notrecommended. This procedure is advised for nearsightedness and it is verysuccessful in this field. This operation is focused on making the cornea flat,and this makes the treatment of the farsightedness very difficult. Rememberthat the cornea has to be reshaped and not flattened, as performed in the lasersurgery. Phobic intraocular lenses and also clear lenses extraction, withintraocular implant, are the possible choices. These methods, which useimplanted lens in the eye, have given amazing results, especially among olderpopulation. Thermal keratoplasty can also be performed, but it is rarely usedbecause of the risks involved. Exciter laser photorefractive keratectomy is atype of surgery which focuses on steeping the cornea. This is very painful, andat the end of the surgery layer of cornea has to replaced, because the old willhave to be damaged during operation. This method will require long recoverytime. The laser epithelial keratomileusis is another treatment which isperformed on basically the same elements as the one just stated. Method calledhyperopic laser in-situ keratomileusis, produces less pain and needs shorterrecovery period. This procedure is carried out with a laser, which alters thecornea. Another method is possible, and it focuses the heat on the cornea thuscausing the collagen fiber to shrink. Contact and noncontact thermalkeratoplasty are possible.

For the most serious cases, clearlens can be removed and substituted with the intraocular lens. But the dangerof the detachment of the retina makes this surgery extremely unpopular. At theend, we have to say that performing any kind of mentioned operations is notmandatory. Problems can be eliminated with wearing lenses or eyeglasses just aswell. Performing an operation can be very dangerous, especially if thecondition is severe. The surgery is very unsuccessful in those cases. But theseoperations are not very successful in general. You need to know that mildfarsightedness problems can be cured with lenses and glasses, while the moreserious cases are too risky to undergo a surgery. So bear this in mind if youare considering the possible treatment.

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