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Apart from medications they are prescribed many people opt for some sort of supplement. They may or may not be familiar with the interaction between a prescribed medication and a supplement and how detrimental the combination between the two can be. This is why it is essential to consult a doctor prior to opting for any additional medication or supplement apart from drugs that are prescribed.

It is estimated that approximately 8% of Americans between the age of 18 and 44 take more than three prescribed medications per day. In elderly people the number is even higher and goes up to 50%. Furthermore, over a third of adults regularly use supplements. This increases the chance of mixture of regularly prescribed drugs and supplements.

Lack of Knowledge Regarding Interactions between Prescribed Drugs and Supplements

We all know that mixing medications can be very detrimental for the entire body. Doctors are professionals who are familiar with allowed combinations of drugs and they also pay attention never to combine certain drugs since their mixture may have serious negative effects on patient's health. This is why it is essential never to opt for any supplement without the proper consultation with a health care provider.

Today people are literally bombed with numerous supplements and they can easily get confused. This is another reason for a person to consult a doctor who will explain the effect of the particular supplement and recommend it or perhaps chose another supplement.

Supplements and Drugs Interactions

There are several different possibilities when it comes to combining prescribed drugs and supplements. For example, there may be no interaction and both, the prescribed drug and the supplement, can successfully perform their duties. The second option is an enhancement of the effects of the prescribed medication due to the intake of a certain supplement and finally, the prescribed drug may not be able to provide with desirable effects if it is taken together with a certain supplement.

In some cases a supplement can increase absorption of a prescribed drug and this way increase the concentration of the drug in the blood. Furthermore, increased concentration of the prescribed drug in the blood may result from inadequate distribution to target tissues. No matter what the mechanism is the increased level of prescribed drug in the blood always leads to side effects some of which can be very dangerous and in some cases even lethal.

On the other side, supplements may interfere in absorption of the prescribed dug. This way the medication will not reach the blood stream or will be quickly eliminated from the body, its level in the blood will be low and the desirable effects will simply not be obtained. This can also be detrimental for patient and his/her health can be seriously jeopardized.

Finally, due to all the previously mentioned it is necessary to consult a well-experience health care provider prior to opting for any of the available supplements.

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