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It is important to understand the main differences betweenthe drugs and dietary supplements. By some sort of definition drugs are certaintypes of chemicals which may be very efficient in prolonging the life, treatingnumerous different medical conditions, improving the quality of the patient’slife, curing various ailments and diseases and altering the functioning ofvarious body parts or chemicals contained inside the human body. Herbalsupplements cannot be classified as drugs, they are classified as dietarysupplements instead. The main difference is that herbal supplements do not haveany approved therapeutic claims as is the case with drugs. Most dietarysupplements contain various different sorts of amino acids, herbs, minerals andvitamins which are intended for enhancing of one’s dietary spectrum. Aloerideis a herbal supplement which is completely based on natural aloe Vera, as itcontains the extracts made from the Aloe juice. One should make no mistakethough, because no herbal supplements are meant to be used as a substitute forany type of medication or food item. Most mass manufactured medicaments come fromplant or animal sources. Chemists have worked hard to isolate all beneficialcomponents from those which are harmful. The research has finally led to thedevelopment of certain drugs and medications which are produced using syntheticsources. There are also semi-synthetic drugs as well. Some aloe Vera productsalso include extracts from other plants which means that they be associatedwith certain unwanted side effects. Aloeride does not contain any componentsderived from any other plants.

Concerns and risks

The main problem with herbal supplements is that they may befake so they also may potentially be harmful to one’s health. Supplements whichare not registered and approved by proper authority should be avoided no matterwhat. Aloeride is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration but it isproduced using the same pharmaceutical standards which are used for theproduction of approved drugs. There are a growing number of people who reportthat they have experienced impressive results after using herbal supplements.Aloeride is very efficient in alleviating the symptoms of several medicalconditions such as sunburns, the aging of the skin, gum diseases, colitis andthe irritable bowel syndrome. One must always consult the doctor before usingany type of herbal supplements. Herbal supplements may cause healthcomplications and they may also interact with certain types of drugs andmedicaments.

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