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There is no doubt that the addiction to opioids or narcoticsis the most severe type of addiction that the person can develop. Due to the effectsthat narcotics have on the human body, the person does not only developphysical dependence, but psychological as well. This makes the treatment evenharder, because withdrawal symptoms, which are inevitable in cases of peoplewho decide to undergo the treatment, include physical and psychologicalsymptoms, which are definitely not easy to deal with and which are definitely notharmless.

Treatment with Suboxone

Suboxone is a medication that can be used in the treatmentof adults and adolescents who are addicted to opiates and who decide to undergothe treatment. When it comes to the age of adolescents, they have to be olderthan 16, but regardless of the age, they all have to agree with the treatment. Themechanism of action of Suboxone is mainly based on blocking the effects ofnarcotics and prevention of the symptoms of withdrawal, and as a result, thecravings are gone. The patient has to be supervised until they learn everythingabout a proper way to use the medication and until the right dosage isdetermined, because the doctors tend to begin with the smallest dosage, whichis gradually increased until the ideal one is determined, which means until thepatient stops feeling the cravings.

Even though it can be used in the phase of detoxification,it is recommended to use it only in the phase of maintenance, which comes afterthe phase of detoxification. Up until recently, the doctors used methadone forthis purpose, but due to the fact that Suboxone is a lot less dangerous, todayit is much more frequently used. Besides, its use does not require so severecontrol as the use of methadone, because chances are not that high that it willbe abused. The patients adjust to this medication very easily and quickly, whichadditionally helps them to have a normal life again.

Potential side effects

Generally, opioids are associated with breathing problems, whichmeans that people who use them often complain about respiratory depression,particularly if these medications are used in combination with benzodiazepinesor some other CNS depressant. In some cases, fatal outcomes were reported aswell, which means that people should be extra careful with such combinations. Someless serious side effects that might be experienced are headache, nausea and symptomsthat resemble the flu or cold.

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