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Teachers or Heroes?

Having an extremely important role of establishing education in the heads of hundreds and hundreds of children, in order to be a teacher one has to endure many things. Teacher's lifestyle involves constant stress and anxiety. Both children, and the overall learning atmosphere can get out of control, causing lack of discipline. The teacher, therefore, whenever stepping in front of a class, needs to give his or her best in order to maintain control. Additionally, a teacher is expected to be a teacher even outside of the classroom. Thus, there is a constant fear of being watched or acting inappropriately. All these, and many more factors contribute to the development of stress in all people who decide to become teachers. That being said, stress control and relief are a must.

How to be a Stress-free Teacher?

First of all, not everyone is born to be a teacher. Moreover, many people spend their entire lives being bad at what they do, only because they chose the wrong profession. For this reason, make sure you ask yourself this question and try to be as realistic as possible when giving an answer. If you do enjoy being able to enlighten so many minds and give them knowledge while creating an important bond with them being a person on which they can count whenever education is at stake, then you are the right person for the calling. However, if you do not like this line of work and cannot find yourself in it, quit and seek yourself somewhere else since your dislike will reflect on the children's attitudes towards you.

Secondly, accepting your pupils and having absolute control in the classroom are both things of great importance. Learn how to successfully use you classroom and your position in it in order to ensure maximum productivity. Also, be kind to children, involve them and listen to them and learn to accept their criticism without taking it seriously. This way they will like you and will pay attention to your classes.

Additional Tips

Use breaks between classes as a relaxation time. When alone in the classroom, close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply, repeating the process 10 times. Also, dedicating 15 minutes of your daily time to meditate can only bring you good. Imagine a peaceful surrounding, breathe slowly and feel the stress leaving your body.

Doing sports, having massages or indulging into yoga or a similar discipline can all be excellent for relaxation and improvement of your well-being as a teacher. Moreover, make sure you live an interesting life both inside and outside the classroom. Choose a hobby which will make your life more interesting and let your creativity flow. Finally, eat right, have sufficient sleep and enjoy every second of your life as a teacher, being an absolutely irreplaceable and extremely important part of human society.

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