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Conventional cancer treatment

Surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy plus hormonotherapy are four different conventional cancer treatments, and which treatment will be employed depends on the type of the cancer, the stage of the cancer and the overall health of the patient. All these treatments have many side effects that every patient experiences, but he/she must endure them in order to save life or prolong it as long as possible.

Surgery is employed to remove the cancer or to remove the whole organ which is affected, especially in those cases when the cancer is primary and has not expanded to the surrounding organs and structures, which is when the chances for the complete curing are the highest. The possible side effects of the cancer surgery are wound infection, blood clots in the legs (because the patient spends a lot of time in bed), damage to the blood vessels during surgery and reactions to the drugs and anesthesia.In radiotherapy, the ionizing radiation is employed to destroy the cancerous cells and it can be performed in two ways - either externally, when it is called external beam radiotherapy, or internally, when it is called brachytherapy. The main side effects of radiotherapy are low blood cells count, anemia, nausea and vomiting, as well as fatigue, infertility, erectile dysfunction, second cancer, brain disorder and burning of the skin.In chemotherapy, the patient is given a large number of drugs to treat the cancerous cells, but these drugs also affect the healthy cells and therefore, this kind of the cancer treatment also has many side effects. The possible adverse effects of chemotherapy are low white blood cells amount, hair loss, diarrhea, mucositis, nausea and vomiting.In hormonotherapy, the drug Tamoxifen is usually prescribed, which may cause hot flashes, nausea and irregular menstrual cycle in women.

Natural cancer treatment

Apart from conventional cancer treatments, there is a natural cancer treatment, which uses various herbs to treat the cause of the cancer and not only to address the symptoms of this serious disease. These herbs are powerful in making the immune system strong in order to fight against the pathogens. The herbs should be taken every day since they are so effective that they may maintain the proper functioning of each cell and boost our defensive mechanism, which is crucially important when one is recovering after the cancer treatments. The natural remedies do not only maintain the health of every cell, but they maintain the systemic health as well.

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