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Sour stomach
Sour stomach, or the so-called acid indigestion, is acondition in which the cells in the stomach produce too much hydrochloric acid,a chemical that is poisonous and affects the health when too much of it isproduced.

Causes of sour stomach

While it may not be the only cause, an unhealthy lifestyleis the most frequent cause of sour stomach condition. The aspect of thelifestyle this particularly refers to is the diet. A non-nutritious diet whereno attention is paid to the kinds of food that are consumed or the level ofcalories they contain is where many health problems lie, and sour stomach isone of them.

The particular way that an unhealthy diet results in sourstomach is by eating too much late at night and just before bedtime. Not tomention that the kind of food that’s usually craved for late at night is notexactly an apple. Late night cravings are usually for some type of sweets ordesserts, but even if they weren’t, eating that late at night will still be anissue. The reason for this is that the food eaten at that time of day is harderto digest than it normally is, and when that’s combined with going to bed, itmakes the acid remain in the digestive tract for too long, thereby causing thesymptoms of sour stomach.

The kinds of food that easily cause sour stomach no matterwhen they’re consumed are spicy food, as well as food that has high levels offat.

Other ways to provoke sour stomach include smoking andbottled up stress.

Symptoms of sour stomach

The main symptom of sour stomach is the general feeling ofuneasiness in it. The other symptoms vary from the amount of acid that wasreleased into the stomach. Some of them are bloating, nausea, stomach ache, orburping. In rare occasions, the symptoms actually go that far as to provoke aburning sensation in the chest or a condition called

acid reflux disease, which means that the acid has spread tothe esophagus. Apart from the last one, pretty much all of these symptoms aremostly just uncomfortable more than anything else. Sometimes the person doesnot even pay attention to them. But other times, they can be quite strong andweakening.

Treatment for sour stomach

The only way to prevent the sour stomach condition fromhappening is to introduce some changes in the diet and lifestyle in general. Asthey are normally quite harmless, there is no need to treat them with any kindof medication, but in the more severe cases of sour stomach, a doctor should beconsulted.

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