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If the symptoms such as a burning sensation in the throat, sour taste in the mouth and throwing up all of a sudden and in the middle of the night happen to you, and not only happen, but remain for quite some time and refuse to leave your side, then chances are that acid reflux is present. These are all common symptoms of acid reflux, or as it is also known gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Since there are many ways of treating this condition and numerous drugs and medicines that effectively drive away this condition, there is no need for concern. In the case you are suffering from a milder form of reflux, then before opting for medication-orientated treatment, perhaps you should give it a go first with some of the home techniques, already proven to be quite result yielding. Every time you get overwhelmed by the afore mentioned symptoms, that is due to the fact that the acid situated inside the stomach is slowly starting to come back into your esophagus (muscular tube responsible for conveying food to the stomach).


First on the list of home treatments and steps to be taken is to mind your daily diet, and mind it real good, because it is extremely important when this condition is in question. Among the food and liquids which have an extremely bad effect on this condition are spicy and greasy food, caffeine and alcohol and food containing or primarily made out of acids. The second spot is reserved for weight loss – having additional kilograms can be devastating not only in terms of causing diabetes and various heart disorders, but it can ruin person’s digestive system as well. What those superfluous kilograms actually do is putting additional pressure on the stomach, and thus push the acid in upward direction and all the way to the esophagus. As we progress, the next in the line of things to be fixed are clothes and your sleep. Good care should be taken in adjusting the clothes you most often wear, since this can also affect the abdomen by tightening and pressuring it unnecessarily. One other thing that is of great concern for those suffering from acid reflux is night sleep. This time of the day is the most unbearable for them, particularly if food prior to going to bed is consumed. Therefore try sticking to this recommendation: eat three hours before intending to go to sleep. Next, avoid at any cost candy, which are of hard composition. That means stay away from chocolate and peppermint, because they have the tendency to loosen esophagus muscles and let the acid in. An extremely good solution for this are apples – as soon as the burning sensation occurs take a bite and drive away the reflux. Following the same route, we come to another reliever, yogurt, since one spoon of cold yoghurt doesn’t only put out the fire in your throat, but it also consists beneficial bacteria which aid digestion.

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