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Sores on the scalp are a relatively common skin ailment related to the scalp. This condition is characterized by one or more sores that appear on the skin of the head and are moderately or severely painful. Sometimes they ooze and leave unsightly scabs, and sometimes they even bleed. Itching is also often seen on the scalp affected by sores.

Causes of sores on the scalp

The most common cause of sores on the scalp is frequent use of harsh shampoos. Most of the shampoos today contain a cleaning and foaming agent called sodium laureth sulphate. This agent makes shampoos very efficient when it comes to cleaning the skin, but if it is used too often or if the skin of the scalp is particularly sensitive, it can give rise to a number of problems like dry and flaky scalp, prematurely aged skin and improper follicle growth.

When the skin gets damaged like this, it is more susceptible to infections, especially the fungal ones. Ringworm is a common fungal infection often seen on the scalp and it leads to the formation of sores.

Acne is another major cause of a sore scalp. Factors that are believed to be responsible for this skin condition are bad dietary habits, hormones, too much oil secretion, clogged pores and improper hygiene.

Folliculitis is an infection that occurs when the follicles are left open as a result of dry skin, which, again, results from too much shampooing.

Contact dermatitis is another condition responsible for sores on the scalp. It has two forms: irritant and allergic. Irritant contact dermatitis is caused by a direct contact of an irritating substance on the skin, and allergic form of the condition is a hypersensitivity reaction of the immune system.

Sores on the scalp can also be caused by viral infections like chickenpox and shingles.

Treatment for sores on the scalp

The first thing to do is to stop using harsh shampoos too often and to switch to mild herbal ones. Herbal stores offer great products for this purpose, and they are suitable even for the sensitive skin.

There are many home remedies that can be used to reduce and relieve sores that form on the scalp. For example, essential oils of lavender, rosemary, avocado, eucalyptus and chamomile can provide great relief. Massaging the scalp with one of these oils is very soothing and nourishing.

Using vinegar on the scalp is another great way to get rid of sores, as long as it is properly diluted. Vinegar provides great relief from itching.

A soothing sore scalp remedy can be made from rosemary, neem, jojoba, lavender, grape seed and tea tree oils. This is probably the best combination of oils that works wonders on a scalp affected by sores.

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