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About the sore hands

Being affected by soreness usually mean either; that one suffers from some inflammation so as to be or seem painful, or that he or she experiences some painful sensitivity to touch at some part of the body. So, this text is about the soreness of the hands, which is very common and very troublesome condition, especially having in mind how much the hands are used during just one day.

Related to that, the persons who are the most likely to be affected by this disorder are precisely those who use the hands almost constantly, and, because of that, this condition could be unbearable for them, although it doesn’t sound like some severe health problem at all. Those are the individuals who spend a lot of time typing on the computer, hairdressers, sculptors, pianists, masseurs and masseuses, or this problem could be very frequent among the pregnant women and the ones who had a recent delivery. Of course, the sore hands could as well be the manifestation of some underlying disease, such is in the case of some bone fractures, arthritis or because of simply being too fat.

What should be done?

As far as the accompanying problems of this condition are concerned, the most prominent are the rigidness of the muscular tissue in the arms and shoulders, the increased perspiration of the palms, the increased sense of itch and coldness in the hands and the chronic pain. Moreover, at this point, it is important to emphasize that all these indicators, mentioned previously are, in fact, the indicators of suffering from the inflammatory process of the nerve in the hand wrist, which is medically named the carpal tunnel syndrome. This is precisely the consequence of the ligaments around this nerve turning out to be thicker, because of the gradual degeneration due to the reiterative movements.

Anyway, when we talk about the most appropriate and most effective treatment, the basis of it should be the massage of the sore hands. However, this specific massage should include the movements in circles, which successfully lessens the rigidness of the muscular tissue and improves the circulation of the blood. This routine should be followed up by immersing the hands into the bath based on some oil with calming-down agents, into the warm water, for around one quarter of an hour. After that, the soothing cream should be applied on the hands.

Of course, this treatment should be combined also with the special workout for the hands, which is focused on stretching them, such as the exercises of simply closing and opening the hands, bending the fingers and twisting the hand wrists. However, in the case of suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, the treatment should be enriched with the medications that reduce the inflammations and that provide the relief from the pain.

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