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The Definition of Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a disorder whichprevents one from functioning correctly while exposed to other peopleand society in general. This disorder usually takes place duringchildhood. However, during the child's first introduction to thesocial world around him/her, this is to be expected. Yet, shyness,confusion and fear of other people and social relationships ingeneral develops later, or never stops.

As far as science is concerned, thereare still no precise reasons behind this condition which have beenproven to be directly causing social anxiety. Rather, there aredoubts that this condition does not disappear in childhood during itsnatural period but stays with people, expressing itself later on inlife.

There are different ways of expressingsocial anxiety. Some people are shy and have troubles communicatingwith others, feeling nervous and frightened. Other, more extremecases, involve being completely unable of exposing yourself to therest of the society, due to unnatural fear and phobia which makeone's life quite different from the rest.

Either way, proper treatment is neededfor any case of social anxiety. Exposure therapy is one of the bestmethods for the treatment of this condition.

Exposure Therapy and Social Anxiety

These people are incapable of livingsuccessful lives. Namely, they cannot go out in the streets, visit ashop, get in and out or relationships, or perform any kind of socialactivity due to their fear and anxiety. So, they are in dire need ofproper treatment. Nevertheless, medications should be avoidedcompletely, since all one can gain from antidepressants and the likeare the withdrawal symptoms once they develop and addiction and theside effects until they do so.

Thus, exposure therapy is the bestmethod of treatment. Basically, this involves handling your fears bitby bit. For example, if you fear getting outside and talking topeople, you need to start with barely leaving the house. Then, onceyou get accustomed to making these steps, you are to proceed untilyou realize that you can talk to other people without feeling anxiousor jeopardized.

The same goes with people who havedifficulties talking to the opposite sex. You need to expose yourselfto your fears gradually. This means saying hello to your smilingneighbor you like. Later, it can mean talking to salespeople who aregenerally courteous and bound to ask you questions or act familiar.Once you manage to do all these things, you can start leading aconversation with someone of your choice, whenever you feel confidentenough.

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