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There is a whole array of phenomenon’s that happen during the nine months of pregnancy one being skin discoloration. Hormones are to blame for all the uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing symptoms of pregnancy. Approximately, three quarters of pregnant women will suffer with some form of skin discolouration during their pregnant months. The discolouration most of the time affects women that have a dark skin complexion.

Skin Darkening for the Duration of Pregnancy

The skin issues in the pregnancy months can range from dark patches to redness on the hands and feet and even the face. The dark, brownish patches usually start on the cheeks, nose, upper lips, chin and the forehead and are known as chloasma, some people will call them the mask of pregnancy. In the areas of the body that sustain friction such as under the arms, inner thighs, and the pubic area are also prone to darkened patches. Also most pregnant women will notice a dark, brown line which is called the linea nigra that goes down the from the belly button to the pubic bone, it normally is unnoticeable but when a woman becomes pregnant she will notice that it is around half a centimeter in its width. Sometimes the moles on a pregnant woman’s skin can change their color as well as the areolas around the breast nipple will become darker.

The Causes of Skin Discoloration during Pregnancy

As mentioned before, the hormones are the ones to blame for all these changes. The pigment called melanin is increased because of the estrogen production and it is this pigment that takes the full responsibility for the darker colors. Sometimes by being out in the sun just for a little while can cause the melanin production to go into overdrive.

How to Control Skin Discoloration throughout Pregnancy

There is nothing you can do about the hormones during your pregnancy, however, there are a few precautions that you can follow to minimize the skin discolouration. Firstly, stay away from the sun, or at least direct sun exposure and defiantly use a good sunscreen with a high factor in it. In some cases where you really are prone to getting those unwanted dark patches then use the sun screen even when you are staying in because the sun still gets through the windows. Sometimes it is a deficiency in folic acid, so maybe include the supplements. There are some great concealers on the market to see you through the next few months.

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