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Serious problems can be experienced by those who suffer from panic attacks. Often, the attacks will have a major impact in one’s life and must be tackled in an appropriate manner. The attacks themselves can occur for a number of reasons and these reasons will generally vary from individual to individual. Anxiety often leads to a panic attack, but attacks can occur at any time and in any situation. Anxiety is a manifestation of fear, such as fear of losing one’s job or even one’s life. These fears are often significant with regard to causing attacks. Hereditary issues, stress and alcohol abuse can also be factors. There are methods for dealing with panic attacks and each individual should make an effort in their own way to combat the attacks.

It is necessary to be both physically and mentally fit in order to reduce or stop panic attacks from happening. Both areas must be addressed in order to do this successfully.Exercise

With regard to the physical side of things, regular exercise is recommended as the best option to keep physically fit. Being physically fit may help to reduce or completely stop the attacks from occurring. However, strenuous exercise may lead to overexertion of the muscles and thus may contribute to inducing panic attacks. One must learn to know one’s limit with regard to physical exercise - proper guidance may be required in order to achieve this.Meditation

Meditation is a method through which one can achieve a more relaxed and calm state of mind, something which will no doubt help one combat panic attacks. Meditation reduces stress, a significant factor in inducing attacks. Meditation requires no specialist equipment and thus it is an anywhere, anytime solution to a panic attack. It is advised to undertake meditation in the morning when the mind is freshest, however, if this is not possible, meditation can take place any time one has the opportunity to do so. No age limit applies to meditation, it is an option available to all, from young children to the elderly. Further to this, fear of the attacks themselves can often contribute to the onset of an attack and this is something that must be addressed. One must learn to be unafraid of the attacks and to teach oneself that the attacks themselves cannot cause pain, merely a bruising of the ego.

Both of these approaches may require proper, even professional guidance. If unsure of the proper way to approach the fight against panic attacks, it might be advisable to contact a professional.

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