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Pulmicort is one of the medicines from the inhaled corticosteroid group, and it has proven to be very efficient in the treatment of the people who have asthma. More precisely, it should not be used for the treatment of asthma itself, but with the purpose of preventing the attacks. Airways in people who suffer from asthma are narrowed, and when inhaled, pulmicort reduces the inflammation of the airways, thus broadening them and allowing the air to circulate through the airways normally, so the person can breathe regularly. It has to be prescribed, and even though it might be difficult to get used to it, it is important to learn the right way to use it, because only if used exactly as prescribed, pulmicort can give the expected results. It is usually recommended to use it two times a day, though the doses depend on the age of the patient, on the seriousness of the condition, and on the fact whether or not the patient is using some other medicines at the same time.

Since the doctor is one who decides on whether pulmicort will be necessary or not in a particular case, the patient will probably has to answer the questions related to his experience with certain other conditions such as chickenpox, tuberculosis, glaucoma, allergies, or some other infections which should be reported prior to taking this medicine. Generally, pulmicort is a rather well tolerated medicine, but since there is no medicine which does not have at least a few side effects, this one can cause some, as well. Most of them are either easily treated, or do not require medical attention at all, since they disappear on their own after some time, but however, they should be mentioned.

Side Effects

The most frequent are coughing, runny nose, ear infections or some other infections caused by virus, diarrhea, pain in the stomach, vomiting, and in some cases nose bleeds may occur. On the other side, less frequent, but more serious side effects may include pain in the chest, changes in the voice, emotions and appetite, problems with falling asleep, migraines, and pain in the muscles. It is also not impossible that asthma worsens, or that a person develops allergic reaction to pulmicort, but these cases are even rarer. However, if any of them are noticed, immediate medical attention should be required, because these symptoms can cause serious consequences if left untreated.

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