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This article will talk about the sideeffects that can come from using lyclear cream. This dermal cream haspermethrin, which is used in treating crab lice and scabies. Mite called sarcoptesis the cause of scabies. If scabies are present, acute itching and red spotsare experienced, and these red spots can sometimes even produce secondaryinfection. Lyclear dermal cream has the mentioned permethrin that can destroythese scabies and crab lice, but the cream has to be on the skin for 24 hours.

Remember that you will have to be careful when using this product, to keep itaway from the eyes and apply in only on the skin. There is no oral use of thiscream. Cream should be applied on dry and cool skin. If you are using lyclearcream for scabies, you cannot wash it away before the 12 hour, while crab licewill demand a whole day. Also, always wash your hands prior to the use of thiscream. This product should not be used in infants under 2 months and personswith allergies to some of the cream’s ingredients. Patients who suffer fromeczema should be careful when using lyclear cream. If you are having someproblems after the use of this cream, go to your doctor to evaluate thesituation.

Breastfeeding and pregnancy

Many medications need to beavoided while pregnant, but there is also a number of medications which aresafe to use or they have to be used because of the baby. A doctor should beaware of the fact that you are pregnant, because this may affect the choice ofthe medication that he will prescribe for your problems. When we talk abouteffects of the cream in question on the baby, this is still a vague question, sobe careful if you use it while pregnant. Consult your doctor, because when thecream is absorbed, it may reach the bloodstream and the milk. This cream shouldnot be put on the breasts and doctor should be consulted on this issue beforeusing the cream.

Side effects

There are many differentscenarios coming from the use of this medication, although this goes for almostevery medication available. We know the general effects, but every human bodyis a bit different and it can react differently. This cream can produce someside effects. The most common are skin redness, rash, itching and stinging, aswell as tingling or burning sensation experienced on the skin after the use ofthe cream. There are other possible side effects but these are the most common.

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