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Gynecomastia is a physical condition in men where breasts are at grow and lactation can show up. This condition is pretty common during the period of puberty. During that time, men can notice that their breasts are increasing. It can affect one or both breasts. There is also condition called pubertal hypertrophy. Here the enlargement happens beneath the areolar tissue and it lessens in one year the most. Gynecomastia is also present in older man, especially if they put on weight. It is not dangerous and it does not last long. It can be the consequence of a hormonal imbalance, usage of hormonal medications or liver conditions such as cirrhosis. This condition is not long lasting but it can cause psychological problems. If you are bothered by the aesthetics, you can consult a surgeon who can help you in correcting your breasts.

Gynecomastia can be caused by a higher level of androgen and estrogen, and higher breast sensitivity to androgens. Gynecomastia can sometimes be caused by sever underlying conditions such testicular tumor, Klinefelter’s disease and rarely it can be caused by lung, liver or adrenal cancer. There are also some medications which can result in breast growth. Those medications usually consist of hormones or antiandrogens. Also, medications which are used to treat ulcer can cause breast growth. Chemotherapeutics, cardiovascular medicines, antidepressants and diazepam, alcohol and marijuana can also induce this condition. Since the main symptoms of gynecomastia are breast or breasts grow, and constant breast pain, it is an easy condition to diagnose. There are palpable and visible gynecomastia. Palpable is when the breast growth is minor and visible is when the growth is larger.

When appeared during puberty, the enlargement is located beneath the areola. It is important to make a distinction between gynecomastia and fat. If you gain weight you will also have fat in your breasts, but that is not caused by gynecomastia. In those cases, you should change your eating habits and start to work out. Due to that, your fat will disappear from all the areas of your body. Similar to gynecomastia is pseudogynecomastia. These two conditions are often confused. Important difference is that in pseudogynecomastia fatty tissue is accumulated, and there is no glandular tissue growth. The main distinction between fatty and glandular tissue is that glandular tissue is gristly and can be moved. Now you are introduced to gynecomastia and its main symptoms, and you can examine yourself to see if you have it or not. You should consult the doctor if you suspect that you might have it.

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