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Benefits of Gardasil

Gardasil is an important vaccine, because it creates protection against four forms of Human Papiloma Virus (HPV). There are more than a hundred types of viruses in HPV group and some are responsible for genital warts, some cause tumors that have a benign nature, but unfortunately, there are also those who are directly responsible for cancer. Two of the mentioned four are dangerous for young women and this vaccine prevents the occurrence of cervical cancer. As for men, it is excellent for preventing creation of genital warts.

Gardasil stops infection that can be caused by viruses 6, 11, 16, 18 from HPV group and this vaccine can be administrated from the age of nine. It is injected three times in a period of six months. Gardasil, as well as several other medications (including Cervarix) is actually invented in National Cancer Institute. Even though very effective, it has to be said that about thirty percent of cervical cancers will not be stopped by this medication. In men, when it comes to genital warts, this percentage is lower, about ten. If the cancer or warts have already been diagnosed, vaccine is of no use then. And also, STDs are not covered with this medicament.

Side effects of Gardasil

As for side effects, it has to be said that almost every medication has some sort of side effect, usually minor, but some may cause a bit more serious health issues. Therefore, before administrating any medication, it is very important to have a doctor’s approval, to read the label and see if there might be some allergic reaction etc. Some general side effects that might happen with most of the medications are headache, minor pain, and sometimes vomiting occurs. As for Gardasil, there have been some cases of fainting and creation of blood clots immediately after the vaccine was injected. Therefore, FDA advises that patients, after the injection, remain in the bed for a while. This is a simple prevention from head and similar injuries if a patient faints, for example.

Unfortunately, there are several side effects that might happen and that require immediate intervention. We are talking about allergic reactions with breathing problems as the main and most dangerous signs, though sometimes even paralysis might occur, as an underlying symptom of some further complication. We should also mention asthma, inflammation of the pelvic region, problems with appendix, etc. With all this said, we have to point out, that even though there might be some complications when Gardasil, or any other medication is taken, still, the good they bring is of much higher value than the negative effects that might occur.

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