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Frisium and its effectFrisium is a medication that is used for treating the seizures especially the epileptic ones. Clobazam is an active constituent of frisium and belongs to the group of benzodiazepine. Benzodiazepines directly affect the nerves and relax the muscle reducing seizures and anxiety. During seizures nerves are tight, tense and overstimulated which disables the normal brain activities. Neurons get the signals from neurotransmitters and the neurotransmitter important for relaxing the nerves is called GABA. Clobazam directly stimulates the GABA neurotransmitters. As a consequence, clobazam regulates and controls the electrical signals which in the case of seizures are too fast and chaotic. The result of its effect is the relaxation of the muscles and brain cells, thus the normal brain activities. Clobazam may also prevent further seizures. Clobazam is sometimes prescribed as a therapy for severe anxieties, but the medicine should not be taken for a long time due to possible addiction.

Side effectsAfter taking clobazam, a person should avoid machine operations, driving and working since it is a sleep-inducing drug. Clobazam influences the motor abilities which are reduced, the concentration and wakefulness. Some people may have side effects of clobazam in which case they should turn to doctor for possible adjustments or gradual discontinuance of the drug. A person becomes hypersensitive, irritable and prone to anger and anxiety. Aggressive behavior and mood changes may happen. A person is likely to feel confused, experience memory problems and sleep disturbances. Rarely people have delusions or hallucinations. Since the medication affects the brain, it is possible to have speech and vision difficulties as well as problems with muscle coordination and so clumsiness and unsteadiness. The hands may tremble, too. Gastrointestinal discomforts include constipation and cramps. The skin may come out in a rash or be itchy and of yellowish color. Other symptoms include increased thirst, dryness of mouth and a sore throat. A person may have a reduced sexual desire.WarningsThe medication should not be given to the people with severe kidney or liver impairment. Some milder liver and kidney conditions require smaller doses. Pregnant women or the ones breastfeeding are not recommended to use it as well as people who were addicted to drugs or alcohol. Psychotic patients are also not to be given the medication. The caution has to be taken with elderly people, people with personality and mental disorders, and with people suffering from some lung, kidney and liver disease. Children under three are never given clobazam. Sudden discontinuance of taking clobazam sparks off even worse symptoms. Always take the medicine in the way prescribed as long as it takes and never stop taking it without prior consultation with the doctor.

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