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Capsiplex (weight loss pills) is based on extract of red chili pepper. Propaganda says that this magical pill burns calories even if you are sitting.

Capsiplex works on the principle of burning fat cells through termogenic effect and speeding up metabolism. That is because of the capsicum extract, known as the agent in papers that produces heat and reduces appetite, increases metabolism, burns calories, reduces body mass and reduces body fat. Chili peppers ability to melt pounds is well known to scientists for a long time, but in order to achieve the desired effect it must be consumed large quantities of chili peppers. This can cause burns in the mouth, irritation of the gastrointestinal tract and rectum during discharge. However, Capsiplex contains a protective layer that prevents irritation of the digestive tract. It is a healthy way of weight lifting that is practiced by the biggest Hollywood stars.

Although Capsiplex tablets are completely natural and safe to use, there are people who shouldn’t use it without prior consultation with the specialist. For example, pregnant women and nursing mothers shouldn’t use them as well as heart patients and diabetics who have been taking any medications prescribed for the regulation of their problems. This is because it is well known that hot peppers affect blood sugar levels and blood circulation. There are no reported cases of side effects using Capsiplex. However, before any use of new supplements, people who want to lose weight should consult a physician. He/She is familiar with the patient\'s medical history so can approve their use and point to possible negative impacts that pills can produce.

Although Capsiplex promise completely safe and unlimited loosing pounds without restrictive dieting and increased exercise regimes, every normal person would wonder whether it is possible without any harmful side effects. Therefore, some independent researches should be made about experiences of others before deciding on this method of losing weight. In addition, there are many unresolved questions about capsilex. Capsilex official site provides much information such as the composition of the tablet, formulations, the proposed dose and various promises of weight loss. But nowhere is mention about the strength of slimming capsules. Also, it was pointed out that during exercise person loses 278 calories more than normal, but don’t know does weight loses if there is no exercise. In addition, many celebrities promote Capsilex, but do not offer any evidence about their effects. Finally, Capsilex contains caffeine. Although the official website announced that it is a very small amount, nowhere is disclosed that amount. Although Capsilex contains coating used to prevent injuries of mouth and internal organs, it needs to take a long time to manifest side effects.

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