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Can Health Be Unhealthy?

The moment we inquire about the healthvalues of acai berries, we are thinking about a great paradox.Namely, these berries are an ingredient of many healthy products andare widely consumed when fresh. In fact, people who collect theseberries in the rainforests of Brazil, eat so much of these, that theberries themselves present almost half of their entire daily intake.However, even though acai berries have proven their health valuesplenty of times, there still are some people which might not beadvised to get in contact with them. The following lines will explainwhy.

Acai Berries Problems

First and foremost, as it is the casewith all fruit, including berries, people who are allergic to pollenmay react to this fruit as well. Even though the chances oftriggering an allergic reaction are minimal, there is still a chance.Therefore, all who are allergic to pollen and desire to eat acaiberries, should consult with their nutritionist and see how and ifthey can implement acai berries into their daily diet. Also, aminimal number of people may be allergic to the berries themselves.That is why consultation with a professional before consumption iscrucial as well.

As for other side effects, there arenone. Acai berries will not cause you any problems while you arepregnant, or lead to any negative effects when combined with certainmedications you might be using at the moment. This goes out forsupplements of this plant as well. All in all, in almost all casesacai berries are absolutely safe and more than recommended.

This fruit is also obtainable in ajuice form. This product is harmless as well. However, taking intoconsideration that this juice is made from combining mashed acaiberries and grape juice, there can be some reactions due to thismixture property. Nevertheless, there were no cases of theseoccurrences and the juice is considered to be completely safe.

Still, consuming more than 4 ounces ofthis juice, may lead to diarrhea. Thus, be careful and know theboundaries of healthy acai berry consumption.

Finally, there are numerous products,combining these berries with other juices, fruit and herbs. Whenthese products are concerned, you should be careful, since, the acaiberries may be the least of your problems, once your allergicreaction, or a similar problem is triggered by various elements otherthan the berries, all located in the product you are consuming.

All in all, keep the dosage safe, andconcentrate on consuming acai berries alone, avoiding products whichcombine these with something else. This way, you will benefit forsure.

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