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Acai berries have become quite popular in recent times, andthey have been featured in numerous magazines, TV shows and other means of massadvertising. All those advertisements claim that acai berries are the bestantioxidants in the world. They are grown in the rain forests of Amazon. Acaiberries are better than blueberries when it comes to antioxidant properties andthey are known for having a characteristic aftertaste which is very similar tochocolate. Acai berries do indeed provide the human body with numerousdifferent types of health benefits, but contrary to the popular belief, theyare not able to reverse the process of aging and cure any sorts of diseases ormedical conditions. Numerous internet sites and other sources have claimed thatacai berries can do such wondrous things, but unfortunately, that could not befurther from the truth. There is a growing problem with ways of purchasing acaiberry products. Certain products are now marketed using multi level marketingbusiness plans and in most situations those products are claimed to be miracleantioxidants. Certain internet sites still provide the buyers with detaileddescription and information about acai berry products. They also describe theway those products work and give out information about their efficiency. Acaiberry products come in numerous different forms, but the ones which are themost common include powders, juices and freeze-dried capsules.

Acai berry powder

The biggest problem with acai berry powder products is thatnot all of them contain 100 percent pure ingredients. Quite often they containextracts obtained from other fruit types. Some powders are much more expensivethan others, so one should do a little research before choosing the productswhich suits their individual needs the most. All acai berry powders still dohave certain ORAC values. ORAC is a way of measuring the antioxidant propertiesof a certain substance.

Acai berry juice

Acai berry benefits can also be enjoyed in the form ofjuice. Most acai berry juice products need to be refrigerated. These juiceactually contain acai berries and 18 other types of fruit as well. It isimpossible to determine the percentage of acai berry in such products. Thefunny thing is that in spite of that fact, certain manufacturers claim thattheir products contain much more acai berries than the others.

Acai berry freeze dried capsules

This is another type of acai berry products in which theactual berries get frozen and processed as capsules.

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