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Word euthanasia is Greek in origin meaning ‘well death’. It is used to describe ending a life out of mercy to end one’s suffering when in pain or terminally ill. To this day there is an ongoing debate on euthanasia. Humanity of this act, and who has the right to decide whether or not a life is worth living are all active topics. Most of the countries worldwide forbid mercy killing and consider it an act of murder. However, in Oregon, Belgium, Netherlands, Albania, Switzerland and Luxemburg euthanasia was made legal.

Euthanasia pros

By making euthanasia legal, people suffering from terminal illness would have a choice of relief. It is equally inhumane to let someone endure unbearable pain. People who are affected by condition or a disease that is incurable should have the liberty of choosing induced death.

In case of self defence law approves killing as a solution in certain cases. Euthanasia has a motive to aid a person in dying painlessly and should also be accepted by law.

In many cases a doctor can prescribe medicines whose purpose is to ease the suffering, even though they cause horrible side effects. Euthanasia is guided by same principals and has a goal to deal with person’s torment and help bring a peaceful death in extreme cases.Both law and medical philosophy see keeping a patient on life support against patient’s wish unethical. So if a patient has a right to refuse further treatment, why not allow him to relieve himself of unavoidable anguish by choosing to end own life peacefully?One of the often arguments against euthanasia is patients family who would induce euthanasia for the wealth of inheritance. If the patient’s state is terminal, without euthanasia, the greedy family is just waiting for the patient to die slowly and painfully which is actually a deal less ethical.

Passive euthanasia is when the treatment or medication that is keeping the patient alive is stopped.An interesting fact is that in most countries where euthanasia is forbidden, the passive euthanasia has always been allowed. And yes, passive euthanasia has always been overused and disrespected by people who do not turn to law for ending someone’s life.

Euthanasia Cons

Euthanasia is considered morally wrong and it is forbidden by law. Furthermore, Hippocratic oath taken by doctors forbids euthanasia. Medical technology is always advancing, trying to increase quality and span of human life. There are rehabilitation and care centres with capacities to aid disabled or near death patients free of pain.

There are no means to know if euthanasia decision was forced upon or chosen by a patient. In certain cases, even doctors are unable to be sure when the death of a patient will occur, and there is always a small chance that a change in therapy could change the outcome. By inducing euthanasia, the potential chance of patient’s survival is extinguished.Is euthanasia a right to die, or actually a right to kill?

Besides all the reasons mentioned, there is always a chance of euthanasia being mishandled.

Unanswered questions

There are always cases of mental disorders, with questions like what qualifies certain mental state for euthanasia? On the other hand what of the cases where even though the pain is not worse imaginable, the patient does not want to live in his current state? How can anyone be sure that patients with mental illness possess a sincere wish to die? How to solve the cases where the patient and the family do not agree on mercy of death?

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