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Having a pet is certainly an experience every person should have at least once in his/her life. Namely, the relationship between a human and an animal can become something more than a mere companionship and your pet can follow you through life as a most loyal and caring friend. However, there are situations when an animal's life needs to be ended humanely, due to a disease or some other problems. Then, the animal and the owner go through a detailed process of animal euthanasia. This is a hard and sorrowful event. Yet, it is sometimes necessary.

The Hardest Decision

Deciding to end your best friend's life can sometimes be more than overwhelming. Therefore, some people wait for days or even months before they contact a veterinarian regarding euthanasia. This delay causes additional agony for both, the suffering pet and the crushed owner. In such, unavoidable situation, euthanasia is not a selfish, merciless or a heartless decision. Rather, it is a decision of a loving, kind and humane person.

Reasons behind Euthanasia for Animals

Some people decide to put their pet asleep due to the fact that it has changed its behavior negatively, becoming uncontrollable, unpredictable or dangerous. Others take the same step since their pet is sick and nothing can be done. However, there are more selfish reasons than these because some people choose euthanasia as the most convenient action to take, since they cannot afford to have a pet anymore.

Nevertheless, when it comes to your pet being sick or in pain, there are signs it can show to let you know of its suffering.

Signs of Health Problems in Pets

The most severe of illnesses often affect the appetite of pets. So, if they are not eating as much as they did or are reluctant to eat at all, some serious health problem may be behind this. Additionally, illness can make active dogs become depressed and dull. Other drastic behavioral changes may also suggest that something is wrong. Surely, animals become less active and lively as they age. Yet, any excess of idleness and resting may be a cause for concern.

Any other types of drastic changes in the behavior of the pet, its habits and activities, manifesting through any kind of a decline or negativity, may all be signals of health deterioration.

On the other hand, the signals may be clear and perceivable. The animal may cry, whine or whimper, or shake and tremble in secrecy. Also, you should be on the lookout for increased heart rate, rapid breathing or panting.

Take all these signs into consideration. A single manifestation may not be a sign of an illness. Yet, different combinations of the above mentioned can mean that your pet is enduring serious pain. Then, medical care is the best thing you can provide. Once a veterinarian checks the health of your pet, if there is nothing to be done, he/she will recommend euthanasia. The process can be done through a single injection stopping the vital functions of the pet or through administering a fatal dose of anesthesia.

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