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Tooth extraction is something most people are afraid of, especially if wisdom teeth are involved. Recovery time needed after the wisdom teeth removal is also a concern for many people. Those who have to undergo this procedure usually think about the things they will not be able to eat or the time needed for the wound to heal. We will talk about the recovery time associated with the wisdom teeth removal and the factors involved.


Well, the first factor is the patient's health. This factor plays very important part in the process of recovery since healing of the wound can be prolonged if the systemic disease is present. Prolonged healing of the wound can be induced by the vitamin C deficiency and presence of diabetes mellitus. Second factors affecting the recovery time is the type of the procedure. Minimal drilling of the bone is done when one tooth part can be seen and the crown's tiny piece is embedded in the bone. This situation is called partially exposed wisdom teeth and it can involve the removal of the wisdom teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth will require a small surgical procedure involving drilling and the extraction of the tooth. The recovery time after this type of procedure is increased due to the larger incision and the wound. Tooth decay also plays a part in determining the recovery time. Extraction may be harder if the tooth is seriously destructed. This situation may involve traumatic experience and longer recovery time. The healing socket may become contaminated if the patient does not take proper care of the mouth hygiene. The infection will appear and the socket will become infected thus prolonging the recovery time.

Recovery Time

When we take all factors into the consideration, what is the approximate time needed for the recovery after the wisdom tooth removal? We cannot state the exact time, but 6 weeks are considered common. When this period ends, the socket will close and heal completely. Do not fit prosthesis in this area for at least two months after the removal. The recovery time may be prolonged if several wisdom teeth are removed at the same time. When one wisdom tooth is removed, the patient will need to eat on the other side of the mouth, where no tooth has been removed. But when two or more teeth are removed, both sides of the mouth will have a wound. So when we eat, pressure is applied on the wound and this may cause the recovery to last longer. Just follow the instruction provided after the wisdom tooth removal and you will not have any problems during the recovery time.

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