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The gallbladder is an organ which is located near liver. Its function in the body is to store bile. If bile is required for digesting food (such as lipids) it will release it. Gallbladder is not vital for life. One can live without gallbladder.

If a gallbladder is removed from organism liver will create bile and send it directly to intestines.

It is known that women suffer more than men from gallbladder illness. Gallbladder illness can be followed with mild pain or in severe cases to extremely big pain. The pain usually shows up after the intake of food. Throw up, jaundice and significant rise in temperature can also occur.

Gallbladder disease is often a consequence of having gallstones. Gallstones show up among older population. They can have different size and are created from bile salts, cholesterol and calcium.

If one of your family members had gallstones you have bigger chance of getting them too. The same stands if you are overweight,have chronicle intestine problems or high level of bad cholesterol in blood.

Hormone pills with oestrogen (contraceptives) contribute to creating gallstones.

There are two types of gallbladder diseases:

Cholecystitis (result of gallbladder inflammation) Choledocholithiasis (result of having gallstones)

The process of creating gallstones can last for ten years or more. During that time about 90% of people have not got any symptoms. The first symptoms will usually appear after 10 years and after gallstones are pretty big.

So called biliary colic is a pinching pain that occurs from time to time in the middle or in the right side of the upper abdomen and is considered a sign of gallbladder disease. This pain usually occurs once a week. Pain killers cannot sooth it. It diminishes on its own after few hours.

Olecystitis is much worse condition. The symptoms of it is constant pain that lasts more than 20 hours, throwing up and nausea.

Chronic Cholecystitis’ symptoms include the gases, nausea and occasional abdominal discomfort. Gallstones and mild inflammation of gallbladder often accompany this disease. Person can experience diarrhoea too.

Acute cholecystitis (Gallbladder Inflammation) is a condition where gallstones creat blockage . Strong pain in the upper right abdomen which can spread to another parts of the body, nausea, vomiting, fever etc are symptoms of it. If this condition is not cured it can result in gangrene. It can lead to perforation of the gallbladder.In severe cases people can have jaundice, dark urin etc.

Cholangitis, infection within the bile duct, creates similar symptoms.

If you experience any symptoms that are described above it is necessary to visit your physician immediately. Symptoms of many different illnesses are similar so your doctor will need to conduct tests on you.

If you suffer from gallbladder disease you will have to change your eating habits. Dissolution therapy is a possible option. In the severe cases cholecystectomy, removal of gallbladder, is done.

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