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The following text will be dedicated to five most common problems associated with the sexual intercourse.

Urinary Tract Infection

This is the first possible problem that occurs due to the presence of germs in the urinary tract. The problem may expand to the kidneys and cause irreversible problems if the infection is not treated. The infection of the tube that moves urine from the kidneys outside of the body, called urethra, is the most common cause. The most usual location where the germs responsible for this infection recede is large intestine and thus they can be found in stool as well. People who have diabetes or their intake of fluids is low, have increased risk of having this issue. To this list we can add kidney stones and enlarged prostate glands as well. Prevention of this problem can be done with increased intake of fluids, while antibiotics are used for treatment.

Yeast Infection

Candida albicans is the fungi responsible for this problem and it causes itching, inflammation and burning of your skin. Also, it causes red rash characteristic by scalloped border. Risk of this problem increases if you wear tight clothes, you are overweight, have weak immune system or poor hygiene. Topical non-prescription ointments are used as a treatment for this problem.


Painful spots located on the genitals are the symptoms of this problem and it is one of the most feared sexually transmitted diseases. Most think that this is simple skin issue, but you cannot be sure that you have eliminated it from your body and that there is no chance you will transfer the infection to your sexual partner. Since there are so many physical and emotional issues associated with this condition, you may want to check the genitals of your partner before having sex.


This condition causes swelling or infection of the prostate gland, but the symptoms and the duration of the infection determine the type of the problem, since there are several types of prostatitis. Most prostatitis conditions are caused by unknown factor, but some are caused by bacteria. Chronic prostatitis usually causes mild symptoms, which need from several weeks to several months even to develop. Pain could be experienced after ejaculation due to this problem, and it can be felt in the lower back area as well, especially during bowel movement. Treatment depends on resting and intake of fluids. The swelling and the pain can be reduced with the use of medications that your doctor will prescribe.

Peyronie's Disease

This condition causes curvature of the penis in erect position and the build-up of the scar tissue on the top, along with the plaque. The most common way of developing this problem is by physical damage. This condition can cause sleeping problems and great amounts of pain.

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