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The experts are still unsure whether teething causes diarrhea or not. There are plenty of strong claims on both sides. However, it is pretty common for parents to notice that their baby is suffering from diarrhea at the same time when the teeth start to come out. Certain experts claim that it is just a mere coincidence that both these things occur at the same time.

Reasons to believe why teething and diarrhea are connected

The main reason why this is believed to be true lies in the fact that the level of immunity that the baby receives while in the womb drops off and the child’s own immune system starts to take over at the time when his or her teeth start to erupt. Another belief is that a child ends up with diarrhea at the time when the teeth start to come out is because the child places all sorts of things in the mouth and the diarrhea occurs due to the germs.

It is also believed that diarrhea occurs at the time of teething because of the extra saliva that passes through the system. That saliva dilutes nutrients and adds more acidic content to the mix.

How to handle a diaper rash from diarrhea

Parents need to realize that it is important to change the diapers of their babies frequently. This needs to be done even if the diapers are not soiled. Urine is known to sting the affected area and besides that it is highly uncomfortable. It is important for the area to get enough air and to dry off so parents should let the child wander without the diaper as often as that is possible. Rinsing the bottom of the baby with clear water and washcloth is important as well. A certain thing that can be of aid in these situations is petroleum jelly. This jelly is good for preventing the diaper rash from occurring again as well. Changes to diet

Parents should make certain changes in the baby’s diet while he or she is affected with diarrhea. The baby should consume more foods that are known to reduce the symptoms. Carrots, bananas and potatoes are excellent in this situation. On the other hand, fruit juices, plums, prunes, apricots, peas and peaches should be avoided. Chamomile is also known to be of aid in these situations. However, parents should not take any steps before talking to a doctor first.

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