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The failure to overcome sex addiction normally hangs on a single question: is the problem being approached correctly?

This means that most people who have failed to overcome theirs, have do so because of the simple fact that they were misguided during their treatments.

Namely, there are rules to breaking any addiction, as well as a sex addiction, and some unfortunates weren't even informed of the first one:

The two key components to breaking any addiction would be will power and method.

How can i turn past failures into success?

Thefirst golden rule means to inform that once the motivation or the correct method is missing, the person hasn't the slightest of chances of succeeding. And this is especially true of sex addiction, since it is surely amongst the most complex, personal and (thus) difficult to overcome one's out there.

Golden rule #2: learning from one's mistakes, and....

Golden rule #3: quick fixes take longer.

This means that if a person has tried, and failed giving up is by no means in order. Instead, and firstly, motivation ought be inspected. This is due to the fact that the most complex and difficult to overcome problems are precisely in the motivational area.

Next off, inspecting the method is in order. This is because raw will-power to overcome an addiction is absolutely useless without a proper method applied – no matter the amount. That is to say, "just do it!" simply does not hold water.

Because the most common forms of sexual addiction manifestation is masturbation with pornography, "the addict" uses pornography in the same way an alcoholic uses his beverage of choice.

This means that when he or she is feeling tired, lonely, bored, angry, depressed or whatever, he is most likely to turn to his dear poison to fill the void. This is often done with the excuse: "But i simply felt like it!", without ever realizing the background triggers of the act.

In other words, the way an addict perceives the phrase "Just do it!" would be: "Alright, brain, so I'll just get my quick fix, not thing for a single instant, and get the hell out of here as quickly as possible."

However, when he or she attempts to apply the same motto to breaking the addiction, it is easier said than done. And thus, and conclusively, "Just do it" is a huge waste of time. And sadly many indulge in this waste of time attempting to "Just do away with their addictions," in a methodless fashion.

The Reward of LovingSex?

Golden rule #4: Every addiction is unique!

Whatis meant by this is that the twelve step programmes were designed to help alcoholics, and that is why they always fail in healing sex addicts. Sex addiction simply isn't the same thing.

What makes sexual addiction unique is that it stems from two completely separate causes: the former one is using sex as a crutch to escape reality, the latter would be attempting to escape the demands and difficulties of intimacy. This is why turning the problem over to a "Higher Power" does not work. And thusly....

Golden Rule #5: The cross is the addict's alone to bear; and

Golden Rule #6: Overcoming the addiction proper, will bring mountains of joy.

Lastly,it is also important to note that....

Golden Rule #7: finding a good counselor will save both money and time.

Because only a good one will be able to reflect in a useful and accurate way.

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