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Hygiene is a very important thing when it comes to health preservation. Hygiene of each and every part of our bodies will ensure that the dirt is removed and with it, certain dangers in form of bacteria as well. Learning about hygiene should start as soon as possible, because if child apprehends its importance, maintaining it after in life will not present a problem.

Oral hygiene

This is one of the most important elements of hygiene. Keeping the mouth clean is very important because that is the only way to keep the bacteria away from that area. Mouth is always under the constant influence of all sorts of bacteria, which is thanks to the fact there are always some tiny traces of food present. Of course, those traces are almost always found in teeth. Teeth are used for eating process and chewing, which can leave mentioned traces stuck between the teeth. This is why regular teeth washing and cleaning is very important, which is exactly something most of the children simply dislike and try to avoid. Parents have to be smart and show some patience, but they still have to teach the kids the importance of the oral hygiene.

Teeth and gums

Teeth, gums, and tongue are the major things present in mouth. Thanks to its structure, tongue is more or less easily washed and cleansed, but teeth and gums require additional health. Good toothbrush and toothpaste are essential for keeping the teeth healthy, but not only that; washing and cleaning the teeth have to be done properly. If not, food will remain present in mouth, it will eventually rot and caries might occur. It is very important to clean properly the space between the teeth, because that is where food usually remains. Additional instrument for preventing caries is dental floss, which is great for the mentioned space between teeth. And there are also liquids for washing the mouth, which have anti-bacterial characteristics.

Gums are also important and they have to be clean, too. Actually, some say that a lot of oral problems come because of the poor gums hygiene. Many people have sensitive gums and what to do about it presents a question they do not have the answer to. Gums should be cleaned with toothbrush too and since they are actually a type of muscle, as such should be exercised, which is done with the help of the toothbrush. Gums bleeding can be prevented like this.

Washing, cleansing, flossing, should be done several times a day and all that is only one part of oral hygiene, while the other part must include regular visits to a dentist.

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