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Prostate Massage and Stimulation

Self prostate stimulation, sometimes known as prostate massage or prostate milking, is a healthy, easy to perform a procedure whose benefits include positive effects to health, the ability to control proceedings, and more feedback as the procedure is performed by the subject onto him or herself. It refers to both external and internal massage of the prostate gland, but this text deals mostly with the former.

Self Prostate Massage advantages

The prostate gland consists of muscle tissue, glandular tissue and fascia, a connective tissue covering the gland. Glandular tissue is, unlike the other two mentioned, because it is very fragile and can be injured easily While muscle and fascia are more similar in texture to chicken or steak, glandular tissue is akin to raw beef liver –it can break and tear when stress is applied to it. Massaging the inner prostate and the organ in general, can cause serious injury to the prostrate if performed too strongly, sometimes leading to death.

If performing self prostate stimulation, one can ensure that risks such as bruising and injury of the glandular tissue are greatly lessened. Correct instruments are required to perform a self prostate stimulation, as the finger cannot reach far enough for the full effect. An Aneros prostate massage device, is a recommended utensil.

Prostate exams are an unpleasant experience that leads to discomfort, and occasionally even pain. These feeling can sometimes last several days. The doctor is frequently not gentle enough, causing more uncomfortable circumstances. Self prostate exams, on the other hand, allow full control over the time period, location and magnitude of the prostate examination. The feedback it provides regarding pain or depth of the instrument are invaluable, as the patient is effectively treating himself, feeling what functions well for him and what does not. This process increases the blood circulation, providing strength to the prostate. As a toxicity filter dedicated to keeping the sperm clean and safe, the prostate has to deal with the ill effects of cigarette smoking and other factors that can eventually cause ailments such as cancer. Certain theories claim correct self prostate massage in combination with a healthy diet and nutrition can rebalance the acid alkaline balance (pH) within the prostate to potentially even stop prostate cancer.

The prostate is not helped by the fact there is a cut in blood flow to it, as the subject spends most of the day in a sitting position, or that the organism of the average person is consistently poisoned either by external (pesticides in food items, an unhealthy diet, and pollutants in the water sources) or internal (stress) sources.

The self prostate exam should never be performed without the correct tools. The aforementioned Antos massager is designed for ease of use and comes in many models. Before seeking more information and attempting any kind of anal stimulation, it is advised to consult a medical professional, which will note if the patient has some sort of condition that would prevent him from performing the self prostate exam on him.

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