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Prostate cancer

The prostate gland can cause several problems in adult males. This organ of the male reproductive system starts to grow continuously in the puberty and when a man reaches certain years, it may become so enlarged that it can become a serious health problem, which causes many other problems in the body. Furthermore, the prostate gland may also be affected by some disease like cancer, which is the most serious prostate gland disease.

However, it should be known that the prostate gland does not cause serious problems in most cases. Unfortunately, some men develop cancer of this glad and it is a life-threatening disease. When the first symptoms of the prostate gland cancer are noticed, the man should go to a doctor who will order the screening of the prostate gland and thus the prostate cancer can be diagnosed in the early stage, which makes the treatment more successful.

Once the cancer is diagnosed, it completely changes the life of the person. It can shatter the mind of the patient. The doctor will recommend several treatment options for the disease, but before opting for one the patient should consider each of them carefully. In most cases, upon diagnosing the disease, the patient starts to panic and that is not good, especially if the cancer is detected right in the beginning when there are several treatments available for its curing. The patient should take it as much calmly as he/she can, and it might take several days to think about how he/she will be treated. Furthermore, the second professional opinion should always be sought.

Which treatment will bring the best results depends on the age of the person and his/her general health, as well as on the presence of some other health conditions like kidney and bladder infections, for instance.

Treatment options for prostate cancer

Some patients will undergo radiation therapy in which the cancerous cells will be destroyed by high-power energy. It can be of two types: external beam radiation, which comes from the outside, and brachytheraphy, which refers to the radiation in the body. Another option for treating this prostate disease is hormone therapy, where certain medicines are prescribed to prevent the secretion of testosterone and it reaching the cancerous cells.

Surgical removal of the prostate gland, freezing the prostate tissue, heating the prostate tissue by means of ultrasound and chemotherapy are other treatment options when it comes to the prostate cancer.

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