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Headaches in the Morning

We have all experienced what a headaches feels like at some point. Naturally, no one likes pain, especially not in the head area. Headaches can make it impossible for us to focus on our daily obligations and function properly, let alone be creative and productive.

There are occurrences when headaches strike people as soon as they wake up. This usually happens repeatedly. If you happen to be bothered by this phenomenon, one morning after another, you should seek medical attention since there are many different possible reasons behind this.

Quite often, your lifestyle could be the culprit. Namely, you need sufficient sleep in order to function correctly. Thus, through headaches, your body may be telling you to go to bed and sleep some more, or control your stress level better.

Other Causes of Morning Headaches

Morning headaches may easily be caused by improper sleeping posture. Basically, the pillow you use might be too soft or you might prefer strange sleeping positions which cause your body posture to be unnatural. For start, try to change the pillow. This might keep the headaches at bay.

Alternatively, you might be suffering from a sleep disorder triggered by a condition named sleep apnea. This condition makes you breathe with difficulty and wake up often in order to catch your breath. Due to improper sleep, therefore, you might be having headaches in the morning.

Disturbed sleep may also be triggered by the restless leg syndrome. This condition sends tingling sensations through your legs, preventing you from relaxing and sleeping tightly, making you feel nervous and agitated. Thus, due to the night frustrations, you might feel pain in the head once you wake up in the morning.

General stress accumulated during the day may easily affect your sleep, without any other causes. Then, you will have poor quality sleep at night, waking up tired and with a headache.

Finally, you might be grinding your teeth during sleep. This poses an incredible pressure on your jaw, neck and shoulders, causing you to feel pain in the eyes, head and different parts of your body.

Recipes for Painless Mornings

The solution is simple – deal with the cause. Seek medical assistance and, if stress is behind your problems, use relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation to get rid of it. Also make sure you keep your body well hydrated and supplied with all the necessary nutrients. In order to treat sleep apnea, your doctor needs to prescribe you with a special mask which is worn during sleep. On the other hand, mouthguards take care of your teeth grinding issues. Finally, make sure your sleeping quarters are cool, relaxing and clean, with solid pillows and comfortable mattresses.

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