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Pain after root canal treatment

Toothache can be caused in two ways. The pain can be caused by the inside area of the tooth and this is mostly associated with the toothache when first experienced. Trauma or deep decay causes the infection of the tooth and it emits the pain from within. The ligament attached to the bone of the tooth is the second way. The infection will spread if it is located in the tooth’s inside area. Then the bone becomes infected once the infection gets through the apex, and this causes the pain, which is a pain usually experienced after a root canal procedure. Pain will end once the tooth's inside matter has been removed. The soft tissue located in the tooth's inside area is removed during the root canal procedure and some of it will be pushed out of the tooth and into the bone.

Pain after the Root Canal

The pain felt after the procedure can be reduced by the dentist in several ways. The toothache can be reduced before the treatment and will eliminate the contact when the jaw is clenched. This way is very effective in preventing the pain felt. Use of ibuprofen or other anti-inflammation medication is the second way. They are taken when the appointment starts. This will reduce the pain by reducing the swelling and making the chance of a contact with other teeth lower. Pain and swelling will occur when the contact comes, but both of these ways are very good for minimizing the pain felt after the procedure.  See a dentist if you are experiencing pain after the procedure and the dentist will probably make the tooth slammer and help with the pain. The use of antibiotics will also help, especially if the infection has spread to the bone. If cold temperatures make the pain worse, the cause is different and it comes from the tooth’s inside area. This means that living tissue is still present in the tooth or that the dentist hasn't seen an extra canal. See a dentist again in order to find the source of the problem.

Delayed Root Canal Pain

If the pain appears after some time without the pain, this could mean that the root canal was unsuccessful and that it needs to be repeated. Also surgery may be required in order for the tooth to be saved. This does not happen a lot, but in some cases, the tooth will have to come out.

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