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Retrograde ejaculation is a male issue in which sperm backs up and enters the bladder instead of existing through the tip of the penis during orgasm. Though a man may be able to reach orgasm, the amount of ejaculate may be minimal or none at all, it is called a dry orgasm.

The condition is not harmful or life-threatening, but it can lead to male infertility without treatment. There are many different reasons why a man could be experiencing retrograde ejaculation; it could be due to medications, health problems or injury, trauma or surgery on the bladder muscles.

The condition does not affect the man s ability to get an erection or have an orgasm, but rather during climax sperm enters the bladder instead of exiting the body.

Retrograde ejaculation symptoms and causes can include, but are not limited to the following:


Dry orgasm Cloudy urine after orgasm due to the presence of semen Male infertility


Prescription medications Injury to male reproductive system

The only reason to a see a medical professional for retrograde ejaculation is when it is interfering when trying to conceive a baby. If a couple has been trying for more than a year to have a baby and has not been using protection to prevent pregnancy, retrograde ejaculation may be one of the reasons why it is not happening. Treatment for retrograde ejaculation can include medications, lifestyle or dietary modifications, as well as surgery in extreme cases. Treatment and management of retrograde ejaculation symptoms and causes can help increase the chances of pregnancy for a couple trying to conceive a baby.

Retrograde ejaculation is a common reason for male infertility, but it can be treated using various different methods and medical means. Retrograde ejaculation can be a heartbreaking reality and a challenge for many couples trying to have a baby. While most males can impregnate a woman through using infertility treatments, it can be expensive and require a gamut of different and complicated medical procedures for each person. Through understanding and becoming informed about the condition, a man can take control over the situation and find the options that will work in his unique situation.

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