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There are many different reasons a couple could be experiencing fertility issues, but until medical attention is sought, the problem will remain a mystery. For women it could be the result of ovulation problems, a hormonal imbalance, and thyroid issues and due to blocked fallopian tubes or PCOS. For a man, infertility problems could be related to sperm motility, low sperm count, blocked spermatic tubes or something else which could be the underlying cause. If a couple has been trying for more than a year to conceive and have not had any luck, it is probably time to consult with a fertility specialist.

A semen analysis and sperm testing can be performed to diagnose a man is experiencing infertility issues. A semen analysis is done in many parts and tests various aspects about the sperm, but should be done at least two times within a period of two or three months. A semen analysis can also be used to check the sperm count a male has, which can determine what type of treatment would work best. If there are still many sperm in the semen, a male and female may still become pregnant naturally, but if not, there are fertility treatments which could help them conceive a baby. When trying to conceive, it is important that a couple uses every test possible in order to determine what can be done to alleviate or treat the underlying issues causing male infertility.

There are several different factors which could influence semen analysis and sperm testing results. A man could have a low sperm count if he has testicular damage, has had radiation treatment for cancer or has been exposed to certain drugs. A man with an estrogen influx could also experience a lower sperm count, but the condition can be treated. When trying to conceive, a couple will both have to undergo rigorous testing in order to determine which individual is experiencing fertility impairment. After careful consideration and medical testing, a couple can figure out what to do about male-related infertility and go on to successful treatment and soon welcome a baby of their own.

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