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Retrograde ejaculation is a discharge of seminal fluid in the direction which is opposite of the one it should take. That is to say, during an orgasm, semen goes into the bladder instead of going through the penis. The condition is called a dry orgasm and it does not do any harm whatsoever to the person, however, it can cause infertility. Since this is not damaging, one does not need to treat retrograde ejaculation except in case it leads to infertility. Different things can cause it such as medications health conditions or particular surgeries concerning the bladder. When it is a result of certain medications, ceasing to use the drug should revert its effect. In the other two cases certain drugs can be prescribed to deal with retrograde ejaculation.

Signs and symptoms

Symptoms of retrograde ejaculation are fairly obvious and easily recognizable. They are an extremely low amount of semen during an orgasm or no semen at all – the so called dry orgasms, hazy urine after the orgasm due to it including semen as well, and infertility. Although it has been stated that retrograde ejaculation does not have a harmful effect it is always wise to visit a doctor just in case its occurrence is caused by some other underlying condition. If it turns out to be affecting fertility medical attention is needed to determine the right treatment.

Possible causes

The reason that sperm goes into the bladder is that the muscles at its opening are not tightening the way they should in order to prevent this from happening. Various surgeries can lead to this condition, such as bladder neck or prostate surgery, as well as procedures which are supposed to remove the bladder or the prostate. During any of these procedures, certain muscles or nerves can be affected allowing for retrograde ejaculation to manifest itself. Aside from these causes some underlying conditions can also bring about retrograde ejaculation by damaging certain nerves. Some of these includes diabetes, multiple sclerosis or a spinal cord injury. Also, medications for high blood pressure, prostate problems and mood disorders can cause this condition too.

Course of treatment

If it turns out to be required, the treatment for retrograde ejaculation depends on the particular issue that caused it. When that is determined, sometimes it can be taken care of with medications, but it can never be resolved with surgery. Unfortunately, retrograde ejaculation cannot be reversed when it is caused by a medical procedure. On the other hand, drugs can resolve it if it occurred because of nerve damage due to some underlying condition.

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