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One of the main causes of unsuccessful conception is infertility. Although many believe that problem of infertility mainly affects women, the men are also the ones that have this problem. To be little more precise up to 30% of time male infertility is the reason for unsuccessful conception. This is the reason why it is important for men to get tested in case there are some symptoms of infertility. In further text we will discuss some of the causes and symptoms of male infertility.

Infection can be one of the causes for male infertility. If there is a symptom of high fever it is advised that you visit a doctor. Sperm needs more than two months to mature so if you are going for any test you should inform your doctor of any illness that occurred in this period of time. Varicocele is swelling of spermatic vein and it can be one of causes of infertility. Sometimes there are no visible symptoms for varicocele so it is important for a doctor to do an ultrasound to diagnose it. Varicocele affects 15% of male population and fortunately there are numerous treatments for it. Obstruction in the duct system is a problem that can block the flow of sperm. Here the good thing to do is to take fertility test so the doctor can diagnose the production of sperm. If there is enough of good sperm in testicles but no in semen, doctor should diagnose the obstruction of the tubes that run from testicles to prostate.

Diabetic neuropathy can be the cause of male infertility. The nerve damage can causes problems with erection or ejaculation. In UK the scientists have discovered DNA damage in the sperm of diabetic men is higher than in the sperm of men who do not have diabetes. Male infertility can also be caused by regular drug use or an alcohol abuse. Also toxic chemicals are known to cause infertility. In this case you should stop using any kind of drugs and stop drinking alcohol. If you are able you should distance your self from any toxic exposures.

Today many men like to wear tight jeans, but many are not aware that this can also be a cause of male infertility. Tight jeans can increase a temperature in testicles, and this can lower the production of sperm. One of the main symptoms for male infertility is when a woman can not conceive in more that one year and she has no problem with her reproductive system. Usually man wait this long before they get tested and diagnosed with male infertility. Good practice should be that both partners go together for tests that doctor suggest them. If male infertility is spotted early I can be reversed in short period of time.

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