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The solution inquestion, either a substance or chemical compound, has the ability to affectthe tissue in the way that it shrinks or constricts. This is one ofthe reasons why have used astringents in various areas from medicine all the way to cosmetics. Their use also varies andit can be topical, when one seeks to tighten the skin tissue, or toshrink the mucus membrane. “Astringency” is also quite often used to describe thesensation that occurs when eating specific fruit varieties such as persimmonfruits, banana and pomegranates skin etc. This feeling occurs due to the factthat these fruits contain the phytochemicals known as tannins, which induce sucha feeling.


When it comes tomedicine, it is most frequently employed in an internal manner for the purposeof mucus membrane constriction, as well as for the reduction of undesireddischarge and mucus secretions. When it comes to external use, they are mostoften used for the purpose of skin irritation reduction, remedying of fungalskin infections, and ailment of the manifestations induced by an insect bite.


Having cosmetics andastringents in mind, they are also referred to as toners and are employed when aperson in question seeks to make the skin firmer than it is. In case when they are applied tothe skin externally, they have the ability to compress the skin pores, bringingabout a moderate coagulation of the skin proteins, making in turn the formationof a protective layer of tissues possible. The most famous, and thus frequentlyemployed ones, are Calamine lotion and witch hazel. The commercial varieties inmost cases contain such substances as zinc oxide and sulfate, silver nitrate,potassium, permanganate, tannins and gallic acid, coming from vegetables. Also,quite a number of herbs like yarrow, witch hazel, lady’s mantle, white oakbark, sage, raspberry leaves and bayberry root are known to abound in astringentcharacteristics.


The substances are most often employed and given to the people who have quite some problems incontrolling the acne outbreaks, particularly if their skin is oily. Given thepotential of astringents to compress skin pores and make them smaller, they areconsidered quite beneficial and aiding in keeping the secretion of sebum or oilunder a proper control. But the list of their benefits does not end here, for theyare also quite effective when it comes to controlling blackheads, skinirritation, minor cuts, allergies, insect bites and fungal infections, scars,blemishes and stretch marks.

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