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Constipationand the best natural treatment

Whenit comes to this extremely unpleasant gastro-related problem, one of the bestremedies, natural in origin, is considered to be none other then Aloe Vera andtreatment therapies based on it. This is based on the simple fact that it isthe best for ameliorating and providing ease from constipation. As statedabove, this awkward problem is induced by the improper movements that occurinside the person’s bowel. Given the lifestyle today, it is considered to be oneof the most frequent problems that people experience. Among the factors that bringabout its onset are such as not enough fibers in the food a person is eating ona daily basis, passive lifestyle with no or little physical activity andmovement, improper water intakes, various types of stress (most often themental stress). When it comes to Aloe Vera itself, its health and morespecifically constipation related benefits have been known for quite some time.The secret lies in the fact that the astringent qualities, which are one of theproperties of Aloe Vera, act in the way that they tighten up the muscles and induce a morerapid waste and toxin elimination from the person’s body, thus making theimproper movements in the bowel proper once again.

Constipationtreatment techniques

Onceyou take the leaf of Aloe Vera and split it open, what you discover is a lot ofresidue viscous in nature, which is situated on the inner side of the leaves,once the gel has been removed. What you are left with is what is known as thealoe latex. And it is exactly this aloe latex that has miraculous propertiesand effects when in comes to alleviating and treating constipation.

Technique1 – when it comes to this particular technique of treatment, it is basedon the process of drying up that fresh juice produced by Aloe Vera itself. Inorder to do this, you ought to distribute the Aloe Vera juice on paper surface(waxed one) and leave it to dry. Once dry, you need to remove the substance inthe form of a powder by the process of scraping, add a few pinches into a cupof tea or water, and drink up.

Technique2 – another extremely effective form is the liquid form of Aloe Vera. In casethe constipation is a chronic in nature, all you have to do is wash a leafof the fresh Aloe Vera, remove its rather thick skin and eat no less than twotablespoons of gel.

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