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Rebirthing-breathwork is a special breathing technique which is capable of suppressing many negative feelings such as anger or fear and even sadness. The basic of this therapeutic approach is that the birth, a highly traumatic event, must be reviewed or revisited in order for one to achieve certain benefits. Rebirthing is also good for healing suppressed emotions.

This technique was developed by Leonard Orr. He was the first person who used the term rebirth in order to describe the technique. During experimenting with the technique Orr came to conclusion that by reliving his birth experiences via breathing he could actually heal the trauma associated with his birth. The process he initiated was then further developed and the technique was eventually proven to be efficient for improving health in general, increasing mental clarity and the overall emotional well-being.Basic Concept

The Orr's technique is special because it comprises a connected breath. Such way of breathing does not include a pause between the inhale and the exhale. As a result, there is an increase in oxygen in the blood and consequent build-up of life energy. Sessions are individual, performed in lying position and may last from 1 to a couple of hours.

By definition rebirthing is breathing air and breathing energy. The technique is actually breaking the birth-death cycle. By adopting certain breathing behavior an individual learns to breathe in a special way and this way he/ she gets to known his/her own breathing. It is essential to observe the emotions and thoughts during breathing as well. All of that eventually leads to a so called conscious connected breathing and divine energy breathing.The Effects

By connecting the inhale with the exhale a person is able to focus and bring subconscious as well as unconscious issues to the surface. These issues may bother an individual and interfere in his/her life, not allowing the person to function to his/her full extent. Once the issues are faced they can be easily dealt with by breathing through and with the use of affirmations. Affirmations are by definition positive thoughts which may create the universe of people's choice.

All the mentioned drives to conclusion that rebirthing can, in fact, be as efficient technique as psychotherapy in some cases.

The amazing effects are achieved after 5-10 sessions depending on an individual. The frequency of sessions varies and may include several per week but there must be one obligatory session each week.

The effectiveness of rebirthing has been seen in people suffering from certain illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, migraines, problems with blood pressure, common cold as well as psychological disorders like depression, neuroses and phobias.

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