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Breathing techniques for anxiety

Normal breathing is interrupted when people get anxious. They start to breathe really quick and shallow. Because of this, not enough oxygen gets circulated thus causing hyperventilation. However, there are some breathing techniques that can ease this state. If a person gets a feeling that his anxiety is building up he should commence with deep breathing exercises. Those that have this problem may try some yoga techniques or other relaxation techniques for anxiety, as well. Two effieient yoga techniques are, alternate nostril breathing and Ujjayi.

Breathing exercises for anxiety

A person should begin with standing with the arms in a down position. When a person inhales, he or she should lift the arms out to the sides until they are over the head. When a person inhales again, he or she should stretch the head up and tilt it back a bit. When a person exhales, the arms should be returned to the starting position and head should be returned down.

Breathing with muscular action

A person should start this exercise lying flat on the back, with the palms on the lower abdomen. Then, the stomach muscles should be distended until the whole stomach sticks out. After that, a person should suck in his or her stomach muscles as much as possible which will make the chest rise. These steps should be done in repetitions. This exercise will help a person to breathe more easily. It is also good not to hold the breath after inhaling.

When a person has perfected the exercise with the muscular action, he or she can add breathing to synchronize it with. The first thing is to breathe via nostrils thus making the lower abdomen rise and then exhale loudly through mouth as the abdomen falls. Next, a person should breathe in again and make the abdomen rise. After that, he or she should exhale loudly through the mouth again. Then, when the person has inhaled, he or she should “force” the oxygen into the hands and feet. Breathing out loudly follows.

After these breathing exercises, a person should feel the tension leave the body and muscles loosen. A person should be able to feel how the tension has left the body through the skin at the places where he or she touches the floor, while lying on the back. These exercises are the core of Power Breathing and can be done standing up as well. They should be practiced a few times per day.

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