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There is no better way to treat a reactive hypoglycemia than to make some changes in the diet. This change will include the exclusion of foods that contain a high amount of starch, sugar and preservatives. On the other hand, a person will need to include more fresh foods, more vitamins and a regular exercise program. There is no drug that can cure this problem but there are certain medications that may help with certain complications like diabetes, heart disease, obesity and mental dysfunction.


Experts are still not sure what is the exact reason for the occurrence of this disease but there are a lot of theories. A person may experience symptoms even after 3 hours after he or she had consumed the food. One of the things that the doctors advise is a food journal. Certain studies say that there is a connection between the hormone epinephrine or glucagon deficiency with the disease. However, there is still no hard proof for this claim. Another factor that may cause hypoglycemia is too much insulin production which then leads to enzyme deficiency. A person may experience hunger, shakiness, nervousness, perspiration, confusion, weakness and anxiety as some of the symptoms of hypoglycemia. One thing all experts agree upon is that diabetes is not associated with hypoglycemia.

Determining the problem and treatment

First of all, a blood glucose test is taken but this test does not always point towards the problem so it is not uncommon that a bad diagnosis is reached. A person should monitor carefully the changes in the diet. If diet change and exercise help a person then there is no need for some other treatment. A person should try and reduce the amount of stress, introduce some relaxation techniques and regular exercising in order to better his or her health. After all the tests, a person will make a plan with the doctor and follow it. Part of the treatment may include more meals throughout the day. However, the foods will be rich in fibers and vitamins. Lots of fresh meats, vegetables and fruits will be a part of the diet.

A person may suffer from reactive hypoglycemia because of a mistreatment of some other disease or if he or she does not even know about suffering from some other disease. In such a case, the treatment of the other disease will be considered as a treatment for reactive hypoglycemia. The symptoms should disappear once the other disease is cured. Additional treatment may be needed in cases when such ailments like depression or abdominal pain are left untreated.

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