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Definition of hypoglycemia

In cases when a blood sugar called glucose, which is a main energy source in your body, drops to abnormally low value, you have a disorder known as reactive hypoglycemia. Usually, this condition is a one of common symptoms of diabetes. Much like fever hypoglycemia is not a disease; it is consequence of other disorders in your body. If you have hypoglycemia it would be a good idea to see your doctor and try to find out what really caused it.

These hypoglycemia attacks, which may be gradual or quite sudden, can be very unpleasant. People with hypoglycemia attacks should take steps to put in under control; monitor blood sugar level carefully, change their lifestyle and try to find the cause of it. First aid in cases of hypoglycemia attacks is relatively simple; candy bar or some other sugar rich food can do the trick. Those attacks sometimes can be severe, and it can lead to seizures or lose of consciousness.

Symptoms of hypoglycemia

Because glucose is main food for your brain, among other things, you must have enough of it in your blood. Some symptoms of having hypoglycemia are hunger, anxiety, abnormal behavior, sweating confusion, visual disturbances (double or blurred vision), inability to complete simplest tasks, and in rare cases, seizures and loss of consciousness.

Unfortunately all this symptoms are not typical only to hypoglycemia, so you must have your blood sugar level checked in times when those symptoms occur, just to be sure that this is a cause and not some other similar disorder.

In case that hypoglycemia is symptom of your diabetes, you probably already have it under medical control. If you still have hypoglycemia attacks and do not have diabetes, you must seek medical attention. This is very important because apart from diabetes, hypoglycemia can be sign of several dangerous serious disorders.

In some cases hypoglycemia is just an episode, caused by extortion, excessive fatigue or prolonged fasting. In that case you should consult your doctor about making some changes in your diet and way of life. Also you may arrange way and timing of your exercises and keep track of your blood sugar level during exercises.

Treatment of hypoglycemia

Bad diet is, apart for above mentioned disorders, main cause of hypoglycemia. You must adjust your daily diet accordingly. Also, there are also some things that you can do in your home, in order to help yourself with your hypoglycemia problems.

There are various kinds of herbs that can help you with that. Here are some recommendations; wonder herb ginseng is very efficient with hypoglycemia disorders. Also herbs like gentian, dandelion, plantain, chicory, coltsfoot, Iceland moss, feverfew herb, violet and lovage can be very helpful. For instructions of how to prepare them, dosage and a way of use consult your herbal specialist.

Also lots of vitamins and fruit juices on daily basis is very efficient remedy too.

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