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Hypoglycemia without diabetes is a drop of sugar in the blood which is not related to diabetes. This condition occurs for other reasons.Once the level of sugar in the blood drops the person develops specific symptoms. Even though people suffering from diabetes, especially those whose disease is not properly controlled suffer from hypoglycemia attacks, this condition may also affect healthy people and those suffering from other medical conditions.

Causes of Hypoglycemia apart from Diabetes

The leading cause of hypoglycemia which is not associated with diabetes is intake of certain medications. For example, quinine, a medication used for malaria, is only one medication which may cause drop in blood sugar levels. Furthermore, the drop of sugar may also be connected to intake of Aspirin and monoamine oxidase inhibitors, a group of antidepressants.

Apart from medications drop in blood sugar levels may occur due to excessive alcohol consumption. Namely, people who drink a lot tend not to eat properly which is a simple explanation of low sugar levels in blood.

Hypoglycemia may be also related to several medical conditions such as hepatitis, certain kidney disorders as well as eating disorders. Drop of glucose in the blood may be additionally induced by insulin producing tumors in the pancreas, enlargement of β cells of the pancreas and several disorders of the pituitary or adrenal glands. And finally, hypoglycemia may affect people who have had gastric bypass surgery.

Symptoms of Hypoglycemia

Symptoms of hypoglycemia vary from mild to rather severe ones and they basically reflect the level of sugar in the blood. The lower the blood sugar level is the more intensive the symptoms are.

Symptoms of hypoglycemia include hunger, nervousness and anxiety, weakness, increased sweating and shakiness. One may feel dizzy, confused and experience difficulties in speaking. Blurry vision is one more characteristic of hypoglycemia. In rather rare and severe cases patients may lose consciousness.

Treatment for Hypoglycemia without Diabetes

Diagnosis of hypoglycemia is easily confirmed by taking blood samples and measuring the level of blood sugar. However, thorough physical examination and patient's medical history together with additional tests and examinations finally reveal the underlying cause of hypoglycemia.

The treatment generally depends on the underlying cause of hypoglycemia and is not unique. However, initially the goal of the treatment is to bring the blood sugar levels under control. This can be achieved by glucose tablets, fruit juice, candies and basically anything which contains simple sugars. Only if hypoglycemia is serious and the symptoms are severe the patient needs to be hospitalized and administered glucose intravenously.

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